[02/04/2009] Missing libraries in 0.8.1 windows "binary"
Yesterday I tried to play campaign Christmas 2008 using version 0.8.1 for Windows and encountered a serious error: several libraries (YAML and it's dependencies) needed to play this campaign are missing. I will do my best to release archive with this problem fixed soon.
[02/03/2009] User's manual updated
User's manual updated: some parts removed (e.g. installation of REXML and YAML, libraries by default distributed together with Ruby), added information about configuration files, executing freeVikings from Windows "binary" package etc.
[01/27/2009] release 0.8.1
Hot fix for 0.8. Most probably noone was able to run freeVikings 0.8 because of a bug which accidentally got somehow into the release even if it had been fixed before. 0.8.1 should solve this.
[01/24/2009] release 0.8
I didn't plan to make a new release in January, but it's here. It brings - at least on my opinion - very valuable improvements - mostly in configurability and user interface.
[01/21/2009] Another Lost Vikings clone
Yesterday I found another clone of Lost Vikings: "Lost Snowmen". (Follow link in Links). Although it isn't a free game, I highly recommend it.
[12/28/2008] Tarball fixed
I replaced the incomplete tarball with a new one which should contain everything needed. Have fun!
[12/28/2008] Missing files in the release
I am really sorry to announce my latest discovery: three files important for the last level of the new campaign are accidentally missing in the tarball. I'll provide a new complete one this evening.
[12/28/2008] freeVikings 0.7 released
The promised package is finally out, available on SourceForge (just click "Download" link on the left). I would like to hear your impressions from the new levels. Is it possible to pass them? Is it fun at all? What about the graphic style? (Don't look at the vikings, please, they need to be replaced.)
[12/23/2008] Release 0.7 coming?

Yes, we are working towards new release, which should come before orthodox Christmas end (actually I would prefer to finish it before 31st December).

Because most recent releases (ehm, ehm, recent... :] ) were all "code oriented" and didn't bring anything new to play with, freeVikings 0.7 aren't coming only with a reasonably big set of internal improvements, but also bringing a new set of levels (well, don't expect anything huge - it will be not more than four levels) with several new kinds of objects. (On the other side it shouldn't be left unmentioned that first level of RubyCampaign stays still alone.)

Because I would like to bring freeVikings to more players, I consider making a classic Windows installer (self-extracting EXE) including freeVikings, some light version of Ruby interpreter and all necessary libraries. (But currently it's more a fantastic wish than a plan.)

Some months ago text file where news were stored overgrew the right size and together with uneffective parsing code made this page awfully lazy. So today I finally did what I should have done long ago and made the modification that news are stored in MySQL database.