About freeVikings project

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Make a clone of DOS game Lost Vikings with as much of it's features as possible, but with free source, possibility to make user-defined maps, monsters etc.


This is a list of some features already implemented in the current release (0.7). New features are added irregularly - you can watch the process in the CHANGELOG file in section Documentation.

OS Platforms

Since freeVikings are written in Ruby, which is an interpreted language, the only condition of playing freeVikings on your computer, whatever operating system running it, is, that you get Ruby and successfully compile RUDL library (SDL port to Ruby - for details and where to get it see Install guide). Linux and MS Windows work well, other platforms haven't been tested.


code: GNU/General Public License version 2 or any newer.
data (graphics etc.): Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported (see it's human-readable summary)